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About Us

Our Mission: 
To teach and promote shooting sports including safe use of firearms and provide necessary sites for such use. To teach, promote and defend our 2nd amendment of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United State of America

and Article I, Section 6 of the Michigan Constitution. 

To furnish recreational facilities for members and their guests and to work for the protection and propagation of fish and game and forest areas including the encouragement of ample public shooting grounds and the encouragement of essential game sanctuaries, and to work with the Michigan  Department of Natural Resources to promote and guarantee adequate  public fishing in the lakes and streams of the State of Michigan and to assist state agencies and federal agencies in the purification of our water and air and to improve our game habitat throughout the state of and to encourage and  participate in all forms of outdoor recreation, together with the right to acquire and hold such real and personal property as shall be necessary to furnish any and all recreational facilities desirable for the accomplishment of the foregoing purposes, and in general to have all  powers granted to corporations and not  prohibited by law, for the accomplishment of the aforesaid purposes.

Some History

Below is a newspaper article from the October 12, 2016 Ontonagon Herald showing a story they ran on October 13, 1966.

It was about the closing of Camp Porcupine, which was a State run correctional facility that was run on the site of our Club.

Camp Porcupine Closing, 1Nov66 R2.jpg

Below is a newspaper article from the March 18, 2020 Ontonagon Herald showing a story they ran on March 19, 1970.

It was about the newly organized Lake Superior Sportsman's Club meeting with Rep. Russell Hellman where a lease was signed allowing the Club to operate on the former Camp Porcupine property. 

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